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Your hand releases the door handle as you let out a deep sigh. Today was quite a long day at school and as usual you were bombarded with essays and homework and on top of that the aching of your lower back wouldn’t go away. Mother Nature wasn’t being too kind and all together you were feeling a tad emotional. As you drop your bags by the front door you notice your boyfriend Luke laying down on the couch with his arms behind his head, wearing a shirt one size too big. His once whiffed hair was now flat touching the top of his forehead. It was the most adorable thing you have ever seen and he didn’t notice you were home until you coughed gaining his attention.

"Hey you’re home!"

He stands up from his previous position on the couch and walks towards you with open arms. You stand on your tip toes wrapping your arms around his neck as he holds your waist in a tight embrace. He then pulls you against him as your chests touch. You let go first placing your hands on his chest as his fingertips play with the end of your hair. You place your forehead on his shoulder as he touches the sides of your arms.

"What’s wrong babe?" Luke questions. You take a step back rubbing your tired eyes and you run your fingers through your hair out of habit.

"I’m just not feeling that great, everything hurts and I just want to lay down for a bit." You tell him. He takes a step forward and moves your hair out of the way and places a gentle kiss to your cheek. Your face reddens as you smile, dimples showing. You chuckle a little and he smiles in return. "I love that, you know?" You look up to see his big blue eyes boring into yours. "What do you mean?" You ask.

"I mean, when you smile. You have those really cute dimples and your cheeks are so adorable. Not to mention when you blush your cheeks turn a beautiful shade of pink, and your lips oh don’t get me started. Your lips always seem so soft and kissable," Luke’s hand cups the side of your face as his thumb brushes over your cheekbones. "And when your nose scrunches up like that, you have such a cute nose." He gently boops your nose. "And these," he then grabs at your boobs.
“What? Just making sure they’re still there!” He laughs.
“Oh Luke,”
“Shh, come lay down with me.” Luke then grabs your hand as he leads you to the couch. He lays down first and then opens his arms for you to lay on top of him. You pin yourself next to the side of the couch and you lay your head on his chest near his left shoulder. Your legs tangle with his as his right arm wraps around your waist as the other combs through your hair. You let out a deep breath that you didn’t know you were holding in.

"Is this okay?" He tries to look down at you but you nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck. You trace shapes on his chest as you pepper his neck with small kisses. You then notice the small stubble on his face that he’s been growing, so you lightly touch the side of his cheek. You close your eyes and you breathe in and out and whisper, "Perfect."

He could sense in your little movements that you couldn’t quite find a place where you were comfortable, so he kissed your forehead and tried to sit up. “Let’s go upstairs yeah?”
You nod your head in agreement, and Luke kisses the side of your forehead. When you both stand his hand reaches out for yours and his fingers wedge themselves in between your fingertips. His warm touch puts you more at ease as he leads you up the stairs. One step at a time and his hand never let’s you go.

Once you step foot inside your room, you close the door behind you hearing the click of the doorknob. Luke has taken it upon himself to rid him of the previous shirt he was wearing and throws it into a pile a dirty clothes. When your eyes meet again, a warm smile appears on his face as he waits patiently for you. Soon you find your skinny jeans and bra on the floor, and you pick up the shirt Luke threw across the room.

"You don’t mind if I wear this do you?" You question.

"No, not at all, I love it when you wear my clothes," He smirks. "You can lay down on top of the blankets on your stomache, I know how much your back hurts and I want to make you feel better."

As you lay down on the bed, you instantly feel Luke’s hands massaging your back. He goes from the top of your shoulders all the way to your lower back. As his thumbs apply little amounts of pressure, you can feel the pain slowly going away. Your eyes stay closed soaking in the feeling of his beautiful hands making the pain go away. You let out a yawn, and at that moment you felt at peace. You didn’t even realize he stopped until he slapped your bum and said “I’m done.”

You turn to look at him and he meets you half way for a quick kiss on the lips. As he pulls back your hands reach up to the sides of his face and you pull him in giving him numerous kisses along with thank you’s.

"You don’t have to thank me love, let’s get under the covers for a nice cuddle."

You nod your head in agreement as you stand up from the side of the bed. Luke then pulls the covers back and soon enough both of you are under the sheets. As Luke lays on his back you lay on your side with one leg on top of Luke’s. You place your arm is around his stomach as you snuggle up underneath his arm. Now in a much more comfortable position, Luke starts to run his fingers through your hair once again.

"I love that." You comment.
“Love what?” His teeth tug at his lip piercing as he looks down at you. Your eyes meet and you reply, “When you run your fingers through my hair silly. It’s very relaxing.”

"Oh don’t worry, you’ll be pulling mine later."
You smirk a little in response to his previous comment. “Whatever you say Lucas.”
You kiss his side as you run your fingertips across his bare stomach. Both of you sit in silence for a little bit, just breathing together as all of your worries seem to disappear.

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